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Buy Viagra Online Cheap Price

Buy Generic Viagra Online for Cheap

Wondering how to Buy Viagra Online for Cheap Price?

Well, you have come to the right website. We at Secured Shipper offer both branded and generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra at a great discount. Well, if you are in a mindset to buy branded Viagra for Cheap price, then we might not be able to offer you any sort of discount in Pfizer medication, since, their prices are too high.

Remember: Branded Viagra is Expensive – Generic Viagra is Cheap!!

No matter, where ever you buy Viagra online from, whenever you see the Viagra price to be cheap, always remember that they are only generic. In fact, they can only be generic and not branded. Generic Viagra is the one which comes as a cheapest medication, when you type Buy Viagra Online Cheap price in Google.

Buy Branded Viagra Online for Cheap Price:

If you come across any website, which claims to sell branded Viagra online for cheap price, you better stay away from those scammers. No one can sell branded Viagra for a cheap price, not even Pfizer. 

Buy Generic Viagra Online for Cheap Price:

This is very much possible as generic medicines are supposed to be cheap. Both the Original Viagra and Generic Viagra has the same chemical ingredients and quality, except for the price of the pill. Viagra price is higher in branded and cheaper in generic.

Before buying Viagra online, lets understand more about Viagra.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is the most well renowned sexual pill globally, which is only used as an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication. Viagra is a sex energizer for men, which keeps men’s penis erect for a very long time and delays the ejaculation, in-order to have a better sex!

Viagra inhibits PDE5 and this is often the cause of inability to gain an erection.

What are the benefits of Viagra?

The benefits of Viagra are:

  • Long lasting sex
  • Long lasting ejaculation
  • Makes you win back your love life
  • Gives you confidence in bed
  • Sexual intercourse for close to 4-5 hours
  • It makes your penis stiff and hard to play around.

What are the side-effects of Viagra?

Priapism : can also be termed as “prolonged erection of penis

You can very well have a smile in your face when you hear, PROLONGED PENIS ERECTION. But, in a way it could also cause pain in your penis. Priapism is the medical word for prolonged penis erection after taking sexual medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Kamagra. 
When the nerves doesn’t relax after sex, it could lead to damaging your penis tissues and can even make you permanent impotent. Men who suffer from conditions like Leukemia , Aniema and Urethral Inflammation can possibly get affected with Priapism

Drug and Alcohol Interaction with Viagra

Alcohol and Viagra is a strict No No, cause it may lead to increase in heart rate, blood pressure, headaches, dizziness. 

It is just not only with Viagra, alcohol does not go well with any of the prescription drugs.  

Other Viagra Side Effects

  • Redness in face, chest or neck
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain, Stomach Cramps
  • Diarrhea 
  • Loss of hearing or ring in the ears


Serious Side Effects of Viagra

Vision Loss
Chest Pain, Pain Spreading to arms or shoulders
Heavy or irregular heart beats
Painful penis erections
Memory issues

What color is Viagra?

Viagra is also called Blue Pill, well that is for the branded medication. But other generic Viagra’s come in different colors and shapes.

Branded Viagra Vs Generic Viagra

The difference between the Branded Viagra and Generic Viagra are:

Price of Viagra:

The branded Viagra is more expensive compared to its generic medication. 

Color and shape of Viagra:

Branded Viagra comes in blue color and as a diamond shape. Whereas, the generic pill comes in different colors, sizes and shapes. However, the generic Viagra’s are also manufactured by top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Quality of Viagra:

Both medications have the same ingredients, so there is no issue with the quality of the Viagra.

When not to use Viagra?

  • While you are drunk
  • While you are on other prescription medications
  • While you are traveling or in a social gathering 
  • If you are taking any heart medications or stoke controlling pills
  • Just for the excitement sake
  • Not without consulting your doctor
  • If you haven’t purchased the Viagra from a reputed store or Branded Online Pharmacy

How does Viagra look like?

Viagra comes in many shapes, colors and size. But the most recognized is Blue Pill which comes in diamond color and in blister pack. 

Quality of Generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra has the same ingredients as the branded Viagra, but comes as a cheap pill. There is no change in the quality of the medication.

Tips before i take Viagra?

  • Make the ambience for a good sexual intercourse or to create a good mood.
  • Keep your stomach half empty while taking Viagra.
  • Take the Viagra pill at least 30 minutes before your sexual stimulation.
  • Do not overdose Viagra as it might cause severe side-effects.
  • Do not imitate porn movie scenes, as it might hurt your penis.
  • It is best not to inform your women that you are on Viagra, it might decrease the essence of the intimacy. 

When to use Viagra?

Whenever you feel like having sex! But just ensure that you are following the strict guidelines of your doctor.

How do i identify branded Viagra?

Branded Viagra comes in blue color, diamond shape and in blister packs.
Viagra packs comes in numbers of 2, 4, 8, 12 or 24. 
The box will also have the bar code, so that you can cross verify with the Pfizer. Pfizer are the ones who manufactured Viagra.

Why is Viagra so effective?

It is one of the first sexual medications created by Pfizer and it goes by word of mouth. Viagra became so effective for the reason it creates stiffness on any men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction Issues. 

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